The following are excerpts from the letters column of our various zines:

"Yes, I enjoyed The Vampire Journal.  I enjoyed the Chris Lee article the most and the use of the many photos.  I really can't single out anything I didn't like.  I'll be doing a review of it in my next issue of Golden Perils (pulp zine).  I certainly have a great deal of respect for your work.  I find it hard enough to put out just one fanzine.  Must be considerable work doing a bunch of them."
Howard Hopkins (Scarboro, ME)
Publisher of Golden Perils

"You've done a fantastic job with it (The Vampire Journal), and I wish you the best of luck."
Martin V. Riccardo (Chicago, IL)
Director of  the Vampire Studies Society
Author of  Liquid Dreams of Vampires

"A most impressive effort (The Vampire Journal).  Particularly liked the striking cover illustration.  Very good.  Both you (publisher & editors) are to be commended.  Can't think of any criticisms off-hand.  The Journal is certainly the most diverse publication devoted to vampirism I've ever seen.  I recommend you maintain that diversity of fiction and non-fiction in future issues.  I'm confident that each successive issue will be better than the preceding one.  Once again, congratulations on a fine effort and continued success in this and your other efforts."
John L. Vellutini (Chicago, IL)
Publisher of the (former) Journal of Vampirology

"Wait 'til vampire fans get their teeth into this (The Vampire Journal)."
Janet Fox (Osage City, KS)
Publisher of Scavenger's Newsletter

"I like both The Haunted Journal and The Vampire Journal, mostly for their variety, but also for their common-sense useful layout--I can't imagine why other editors don't sensibly organize the stories in one place, the ads in one place, the poetry in one place, and so on. . . Your overview of small press zines is functional and non-judgmental, actually describing what each title is like, instead of rating your competitors like cuts of meat.
"Both The Vampire Journal and Baker Street Gazette are very attractive.  Great cover art--two very different moods here aren't there?  There sure are a blood-hungry horde of superb vampire poets around!"
Carl Buchanan (Wilmington, DE)

"Once again you've produced an extremely handsome package with The Vampire Journal.  I especially enjoyed the fine column on "Vampires in the Pulps" by my good friend, Howard Hopkins.
"If  I can continue to assist you in any way with your excellent publications, please feel free to contact me.  I'm always available to help."
Jim Garrison (Pacoima, CA)

"Just received The Vampire Journal, and I loved it.  Also enjoyed Sleuth Journal you recently sent."
Allen Koszowski (Upper Darby, PA)

"Loved The Vampire Journal. I read that issue from cover to cover the minute I opened the envelope.  It was everything you promised and more.  It was very disturbing.  Crammed with articles and fiction that kept me checking my doors and windows each night for weeks.  The cover sets the mood for this issue, painting pictures in the imagination that are fully realized in the pages within.
"The Haunted Journal was great.  The variety of material makes thia a unique publication.  Most small press zines try to cram all of their fiction into a specific subgenre and therefore limit their scope.  But HJ offers the reader an entire spectrum of horror, from darkly humorous tales to gothic terrors.  There is simply nothing else like it in small press.  Keep up the good work.  I have nothing but praise.  A lot of small press zines seem kind of snooty to me.  But your zines strike the hearts of their subject matter.  No easy feat.  Can't wait for the next issue!"
Brian Miller (San Diego, CA)

"Thank you for sending along the copy of The Vampire Journal.  I've only had the chance to glance through the zine, but I'm amazed at how much material about vampires is out there.  Wow!  And it really looks quite good.
"Thanks again for sharing what your're doing.  I know how much work goes into a quarterly publication like that, and you deserve some real credit for putting it together in such an attractive package.  Keep up the good work!"
David B. Silva (Oak Run, CA)
Writer & Publisher of (former) The Horror Show

"The premiere issue of Realm Of The Vampire is a nifty little handbook for the vampire at heart.  Practical inforamtion plus a good night's entertainment in the form of short stories, poetry, interviews, reviews, listings, and other delightful tidbits making it an informative and weighty resource.  Put this one on your 'must read' list!"
Marie Buckner (Ventura, CA)
Publisher of the (former) Elegia

"I only have one word to say:  WOW!  I read and re-read the newsletter and the issue of Realm Of The Vampire, and I was quite impressed by the care and quality of these publications.  At the beginning, I thought you were some common amateur publisher who was a vampire aficionado.  I was bloody wrong!  Please count me in as a 'foreign enthusiastic member!'  Live long and vampiricly prosper!"
Richard L. Robert, PH.D.
St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

"I just received the issue of Realm Of The Vampire and the newsletter.  Thanks for the deliciously ghastly round-up of ghouls, night-stalkers, and vampirophiles.   It makes New Orleans sound like the place to be for aspiring seekers of the night. Lucky you-all!"
David L. Winters (Sylvania, OH)

"Finally got around to taking a look at The Haunted Journal.  Wow!  What a beautiful pub!  You're really turning out a great zine.
"The format is clear and crisp and the type is easy to read.  There's a lot of material in The Haunted Journal, and I wish you the best with it and all of your endeavors."
Gary Lovisi (Brooklyn, NY)
Writer & Publisher of Paperback Parade & others

"Much congrats on the birthing of The Haunted Journal; it clearly shows your hard work, energy, and enthusiasm for the field we all love.  I am, as ever, impressed by the quality of your reproduction--ever the half-tones looked good!, and by your ability to organize so many zines at one time.  May Cthulhu smile upon your efforts!"
Peggy Nadramia (New York, NY)
Publisher of Grue

"Got my copy of The Haunted Journal--a whopping tribute to you!  Cheeezzz. . . .what a roll call! You've got everybody under the sun.  This zine is really a grab bag of talent in no uncertain terms.  I can't imagine the amount of work that it took you to get this colossus to print and in the mail.  Really a fine job and indicative of your courageous behavior.   Looking forward to seeing more future editions of your publications.  Keep up the good work."
Chris Harold Stevenson (Huntington Beach, CA)

"Thanks for the copy of The Vampire Journal.  This publication is extraordinary in that the typeset and format is so well done.  It seems to me that you have given the content a great deal of thought.  You've included in this publication things that no one has touched on before.  Simply it's different!  The photograph reproductions are an added bonus to the contents.  Even the ad section is fun to read!  I wasn't aware of the many fan clubs and appreciation societies out there.
"I'd be very proud to read and review your future productions.  I think that you are opening up some new vistas.  The amount of columns (along with your other publications) that you are providing is staggering--truly, something for everybody here, is in evidence."
Chris Harold Stevenson (Huntington, CA)

"I found your issue of the Baker Street Gazette enjoyable and very interesting.  As a member of the Mystery Writers of America and a professional writer, it gives me great pleasure to discover such a fine fanzine here in New Orleans.  Keep up the good work."
O'Neil De Noux (Arabi, LA)
Writer of a New Orleans detective series

"Thanks for the journals;  I enjoyed them.  And thanks for the kind words."
Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Michaels aka Barbara Mertz (Frederick, MD)
Writer of Amelia Peabody mystery series plus much more & Egyptologist

"Thanks very much for the Baker Street Gazette.  Brilliant!  This from a formidable critic (whose 'Study in Sherlock' is No. 3938 in De Waal's World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Watson)."
Robert Hatch (Buffalo, NY)

"Many thanks for the excellent Baker Street Gazette.  It just keeps getting better and better. You are to be congratulated on a job well done."
Gary Lovisi (Brooklyn, NY)
Writer & Publisher of Paperback Parade and others

"Thanks for the latest issue of the Baker Street Gazette.  Looks terrific!  What a lot of work!"
Janet A. Rudolph (Berkeley, CA)
Publisher of Mystery Readers International Journal

"The highest accolade one Sherlockian can give another, is a tip of the deerstalker, for your superlative journal.  One word sums up your publication, and that is 'singular.'"
Syd Goldberg (Philadelphia, PA)

"Thank you for your note and the copy of the Gazette.  It looks like fun."
L. B. Greenwood (Canada)
Writer of Sherlock Holmes pastiches

"Thank you for the Baker Street Gazette, a very handsome issue in which I am pleased to be present. You folks do am amazing array of fanzines and I wish you a pile of luck!"
Ben P. Indick (Bergen, NJ)

"You did a wonderful job on the Baker Street Gazette!"
Rick Lai (New York, NY)

"Many thanks for thoughtfully sending us a copy of Baker Street Gazette.  It looks like a very useful publication and we would like to keep receiving it."
Cameron Hollyer, A. C. Doyle Collection,
Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library

"I write to compliment you on the Baker Street Gazette.  It has many things to recommend it.  Thank you for this issue and be assured I am in your corner."
(The Late) John Bennett Shaw


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