Ever since early childhood I have experienced dreams of ancient Egypt.  At the age of five I drew pyramids, palm trees, and desert without ever having seen photographs of  the pyramids in Egypt or drawings of ancient Egypt.  During my childhood, as a teenager, and during my twenties I read mostly Egyptology books.  I designed my room to look like a combination of ancient Egyptian temple and a tomb.  It made for some entertaining parties.  My friends loved it.  I even played records of ancient Egyptian music.  Later I sought addmission to the American University of Cairo.  Unfortunately, it was fairly expensive and my parents didn't want to foot that bill.  I was already enrolled at an American university in the U.S. to study anthropology.  The only universities in the U.S. that had a curriculum for Egyptology were also fairly expensive.     I became disgusted with the Anthropology department at the university I attended and switched to History.  They had a much better History department.  My advice to anyone in or just out of high school, or in the early stages of university work, is to seek every avenue of assistance available to insure the success of one's career plans.  Don't let anyone stand in your way.  I, for one, missed out on my dream.  I even missed out on my alternative plan of action. I went to a business school to acquire a diploma as a travel agent., and  I then spent three years attempting to break into the travel industry. That was much more difficult than I thought.  At the time I had no computer nor typing skills so the other training I had didn't amount to much.  I thought if I became a travel agent I would at least be able to make some trips to visit the ancient monuments in Egypt.  
    To this day I have yet to see Egypt.  Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong--like Murphy's Law ("Everthing that can go wrong will go wrong").  So here I am creating a website page devoted to Egyptology within the personal journal section of my Tropical Zines Cafe website.  Anyone who shares the same fascination for ancient Egypt should find the links on this page worth visiting.  Perhaps some of us will make it to Egypt someday.  Meanwhile, enjoy your visit on-line.  And, check out the recommended books list.



Welcome to Akhet Internet

Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple

Egyptology Resources

Frankie's Bibliography of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt--Guardian's Egypt

KMT:  A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

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Anthony's Egyptology & Archaeology

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Gazette Online Edition

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Khufu's Last Will

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Ancient Nile Webring




Akhenaten:  King of Egypt
by Cyril Aldred

The Dwellers on the Nile:  The Life, History, Religion, and Literature of the Ancient Egyptians
Egyptian Magic
The Mummy:  A Handbook of Egyptian Funerary Archaeology

all three by E. A. Wallis Budge

The Chronicle of the Pharaohs
by Peter A. Clayton

The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
translated by Raymond O. Faulker

Egypt of the Pharaohs
by Sir Alan Gardiner

Fascinating Hierogyphics:  Discovering, Decoding and Understanding the Ancient Art
by Christian Jacq

The Complete Pyramids
by Mark Lehner

Red Land Black Land
Temples, Tombs & Hieroglyphs

both by Barbara Mertz

Egytpian Religion
by Siegfried Morenz

The Pharaohs Master Builders
by Henri Stierlin

Gods of Ancient Egypt
by Barbara Watterson